Azra Naheed Dental College

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Sr. No.NameDesignationQualification
1Dr. Amna MuneebAssistant ProfessorMBBS, M.Phil.,CHPE
2Dr. Marryam RiazAssistant Professor & HeadBDS, M.Phil.,CHPE
3Prof. Dr. Saima Rubab Khan Professor & HeadBDS, M.Phil., PhD
Oral Biology
4Dr. Muhammad Anwaar AlamAssociate ProfessorBDS, M.Sc., CHPE
5Dr. Anila ErrumAssociate ProfessorMBBS, M.Phil.,CHPE
6Dr. Ambreen NawazAssistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil, CHPE
Dental Materials
7Dr. Hira Asghar Associate Professor & HeadBDS, M.Phil.,CHPE,CHR,PhD(Scholar)
8Dr. Zartashia AroojAssociate ProfessorBDS, M.Phil.,CHPE
Community & Preventive Dentistry
9Prof. Dr. Ayma SyedProfessor & HeadBDS, M.Phil
10Dr. Fariha RizwanAssistant Professor BDS, M.Phil .,CHPE
11Dr. Rizwan Saghir Chatha Assistant Professor & HRBP BDS, M.Phil
Oral Pathology
12Prof. Dr. Majid jehangirProfessorBDS, M.Phil
13Dr.Mariyah Javed Associate ProfessorBDS, M.Phil.,CHPE
Oral Medicine / Diagnostic
14Dr. Rizwan MahmoodAssistant Professor BDS, MS
15Dr.M.Hamza Sheikh Assistant ProfessorBDS, M-Clindent
Operative Dentistry
16Dr. Mehwish Munawar Associate ProfessorBDS, FCPS.,CHPE
Endodontics Department
17Dr. Nabeel Zahid Assistant Professor BDS, MFDS RCSEd (UK), M Endo RCSEd (UK)
18Dr.Ammad Jawed Assistant ProfessorBDS, MFDS RCSEd (UK), M Endo RCSEd (UK)
Pedodontics Department
19Dr. Usman Sana Associate ProfessorBDS, FCPS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
20Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif ShahzadProfessor/Principal BDS, FCPS.,CHPE
21Dr.Shahzada Faiz Ahmad KhanSenior RegistrarBDS,FCPS.,CHPE
22Dr. Junaid Altaf Assistant ProfessorBDS, FCPS
23Dr. Hina NazSenior demonstrator BDS
24Dr. Mohid Rehman Senior RegistrarBDS.,FCPS
25Dr. Kashif HaroonAssistant ProfessorBDS, M-Orth, RCSEd(UK)
26Dr. Aaisha AkbarSenior demonstratorBDS, MCPS
Dental Education
27Dr.Mehwish ShahidAssistant ProfessorBDS, MME

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