Prof. Dr. M. Asif Shahzad


It is indeed a matter of immense honor and privilege for me, as the Principal of Azra Naheed Dental College, a constituent of The Superior University Lahore, to welcome you to an institution that was established with the vision of being a leading & premier institution in the region imparting high quality dental education & driving excellence in learning, innovation and research. It is now my pleasure to state that Azra Naheed Dental College is currently among the renowned private dental institutions in the country. ANDC is a highly ranked institution offering opportunities that few others can match. The academic atmosphere is conducive to learning and our focus on excellence in education, research and students’ development is unparalleled. The highly qualified, experienced and skilled faculty delivers evidence based and quality education using an array of methods including haptic, blended learning and small group discussions to complement the traditional lectures. This breadth creates a platform of an exceptionally diverse clinical experience for students ranging from simplest disease prevention techniques to the most complex treatment on patients from an array of cultures and backgrounds. I strongly believe that the unique academic atmosphere and strong commitment of the management have all made it possible to achieve this institution a recommendable position among dental colleges in Pakistan and its steady progress and pursuits will enable this college to exceed further in days to come. We are working hard to bring a remarkable change through our innovative curriculum in providing early clinical exposure with students’ centered teaching and fostering research environment. Along with the BDS, the institutions is currently working for postgraduate programs in basic and clinical Dental Sciences.
I pray to Allah SWT to grant us the strength, dedication and commitment to attain our aims and obligations regarding our students as qualified, ethical, competent and responsible dental surgeons so that they could contribute
towards an economically Superior Pakistan. (Ameen)